How to Monitor Someone’s Text Messages without Installing Software?

Gaining access to someone’s text messages is like hitting the jackpot. A lot of information is shared using text messages and if you master the art of spying on someone’s text messages without any software installation, you can decode many secrets.  This is what I did when I had doubts about my husband’s unusual texting these days.  Though texting is normal and there is no harm in it, the way he has started becoming more … Read more

How to protect your privacy online

The fast pace of today’s digital marketplace makes knowing where your information goes after you put it online an important consideration. Most of us probably don’t even think about it, but every time we use Google, we’re being tracked through our IP address, our data is being collected by ad agencies, and our information is being saved forever in servers. Once this information is out of our hands, the truth is that we don’t know … Read more

Is Facebook Reading Your Messages?

Recent reports have come to light letting us know Facebook is actually monitoring your chats and messages. You may think this is some move out of a B-rate cyber thriller or political blockbuster, but it’s not. Facebook and other social media sites are screening and monitoring your messages and chats using software that is reminiscent of the Carnivore program that the FBI began using back in 1997.   The software actively goes through and scans … Read more