Opera Browser Now with Free VPN

The Opera browser has been a longtime contender among other major desktop browsers, but often remains curiously undervalued, with usage statistics far behind Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and even Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. On mobile platforms, however, Opera remains one of the most widely used third-party browsers available, for its excellent UI and tie-in with the desktop version. Opera runs on Chromium, the same engine powering Google Chrome and many smaller browsers, allowing it … Read more

Google Chrome Ditching Webkit for Blink

Google Ditched Webkit for its own Blink Solution

For those folks those who are wondering what I’m talking about; Webkit and Blink are both web engines which are used by popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera. Google in a recent blog post has announced that it will ditch the  industry standard Webkit which it had been using in Chrome browser for so long now, announced they will replace it with its own handmade rendering engine called Blink.  But it isn’t … Read more