Top OS and Web Browser Stats – Dragonblogger Visitor Favorites

Have you wondered about what browsers and OSes’s visitors use? Which Windows version is the most popular? Top 5 web browsers: Top 5 Operating Systems: Here are the stats for Windows versions: Global OS and Web Browser Popularity Stats: TOP Operating Systems (OS): Microsoft Windows: The most popular OS of all, and for quite some time now, Windows has had mixed feedback in the past decade, with Windows XP shadowing all OSes for most … Read more

New Mac OS X Lion Features – Latest Updates from Apple

The amazing new OS from Apple, Mac OS X Lion has several exciting features like Multi-Touch Gestures, Full-Screen Apps, Mission Control, Mac App Store, Launchpad, Auto Save and Versions, Mail etc. In all there were about 250 new features added to the Mac OS X Lion! Let’s take a closer look at some of them… Multi-Touch Gestures A huge step towards making computing more intuitive and tangible, Multi-Touch Gestures make zooming, full-screen swiping and scrolling … Read more

How to Use Task Manager in Windows 8

No matter how advanced the operating system there is one thing that has always looked similar for Windows Operating Systems and that is the task manager. Currently it is just a dull grey box which is confusing to read for a user. As computers become more advanced and having more software at our disposal it has become increasingly more common for users to tackle the windows task manager for themselves. In order to make the … Read more