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Speed up Chrome with HTTP Pipelining

2013-04-28T07:31:29-07:00July 31st, 2012|Categories: Internet|Tags: , , , , |

In the later versions of Google Chrome HTTP Pipelining which was available in Firefox and Opera for a long time was finally made available.  HTTP Pipelining allows the Chrome browser to open multiple threads to call and load web page resources at the same time in parallel instead of sequentially which can speed up website [...]

Speed Up Google Chrome: GPU Composition Rendering

2012-07-26T12:04:53-07:00July 28th, 2012|Categories: Internet|Tags: , , , , |

If you have a decent video card in your system you may be able to get improved performance from Google Chrome simply by adjusting the GPU compositing setting in Google Chrome.  This setting is easy to experiment with and the worst it can do is cause Chome to be slower and you can just undo [...]