The Dragoncast Episode 13: Podcast Talks about PS4, Man of Steel and More!

Welcome one and all to yet another episode of The Dragoncast. This is a special Episode #13 and is over an hour long this week as there is a lot to cover. This week the Dragoncast podcast gang discuss the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, as they give their opinions on whether or not the Superman reboot is one that we have finally all been waiting for. Bryce also discusses about the post apocalyptic … Read more

Video Game Nostalgia and Retro Factor

It happened with classic movies, classic rock and virtually every other entertainment form and it is no different than with the gaming industry.  Classic games or retro games from the early years of Nintendo, Atari, Sega and more are leaking into modern consoles and electronics at ever faster rates.  Old companies still thrive on intellectual properties from decades ago and re-branding/releasing them again for new OS environments like iOS and Android. Should it be no … Read more

OUYA: The Next Evolution In Gaming

  With rumors regarding the new X-Box “720” and the Playstation 4 popping up left and right, a bold move has been made. And it wasn’t made by one of the big box companies! A new product is on its way and is claiming “It’s time to upend console gaming.” I am referring, of course, to OUYA.   What is OUYA exactly? OUYA (pronounced OO-YAH) is a tiny box, powered by Android 4.0. This powerful … Read more