The Perixx Peritab-502 Graphics Tablet Review

Review of the Perixx Graphics Tab Peritab-502. The perfect solution for budding artists to professionals, even for that want to write notes,

Experimenting with Paint.NET and CamStudio

I was using Paint.NET the other day and wanted to see what it would be like to leverage the screen capture of CamStudio with the ability to create animated video's showing effects you can apply in Paint.Net program, I came up with something that was fairly interesting, but I wish I could somehow convert this [...]

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Paint.Net Extra Effects

I was having a hard time creating shapes in Paint.Net, the default paint program only allows you to create rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, freeform shapes. So I did a little google search and found BoltBait created an effects pack for Paint.Net. This effects pack has a "render" option under effects that can create just about [...]

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