Featuring the Doogee X5 Pro Smartphone

Are you a student looking for a budget smartphone which doesn't compromise on quality? The Doogee X5 Pro Smartphone - which is available in white and black - is worth considering. This classy, attractive device runs on the up-to-date Android 5.1 operating system, and purchasing it isn't going to break the bank. Effortless speed is [...]

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The Takee 1 is A Lighting Fast Smartphone With Tons of Options

The Takee 1 smartphone is a beautifully design phone that has all the features you want and need. This sleek looking phone comes in both black and white and is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable smartphone that still has all the amazing features you love. This phone even has features that [...]

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The Elephone S2 Is a Super Fast Smartphone With Amazing Graphics

The Elephone S2 Plus smartphone is an android device that is being offered by Pandawill. This phone is unlocked and it's really an amazing deal at the price of only $169.99! On top of that awesome price Pandawill also will include free worldwide shipping! So let's learn more about this very appealing smartphone.   A [...]

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Oneplus Knocked it out of the Park Again with New Smartphone

  Ever since they were first introduced on the market, smartphones have been taking over the communication industry. Nowadays, everywhere you turn, you’ll see someone with a smartphone in hand. Every couple of months, smartphone manufacturing companies come up with a new design that amazes the world; take the Oneplus Two smartphone, for example, which [...]

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Featuring the Zopo Speed 7 and Zopo Speed 7 Plus

Zopo Speed 7 The Zopo Speed 7 smartphone is fitted with a 5 inch IPS display that provides clarity for the user as they get to enjoy the many apps and games. It has an Octa-core 64bit CPU from Mediatek which allows the phone to process information faster therefore allowing the user to interact with [...]

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