MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 9 Review

Partitioning your hard drive may not be something you do often. Some people may never do it, yet when you need to do so, you want to be able to do the job fast and efficiently and without hassle. MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 9 is just such a tool. With this one program you can create a single partition in many different formats, multiple partitions, and so much more. What is nice is that you … Read more

Data Backup Techniques Keep Mac Data Safer

When you hear someone around you suffered from data loss, you become mindful and take a turn to a secure way. In fact, I appreciate your act of taking the right steps before the disaster strikes your Mac. However, since a disaster may strike anytime and cause data loss to anyone, you cannot consider yourself on the safe side unless you have an updated backup of all the crucial files stored at a location that … Read more

Ubuntu Tip for Establishing Permanent Mount Points for Windows Partitions

When using the Ubuntu operation system to mount Windows partitions, it mounts the windows partitions on your computer automatically but it assigns a different path to the the disks every time they are remounted. This is particularly irritating because it breaks my wallpaper and music libraries in Ubuntu. Establishing a permanent mount point is possible by using /etc/fstab, which is a configuration file used by mount command. Steps to Setup a Permanent Mount Point To establish a … Read more