The Test for Your liver – F Your Liver

Are you bored of playing “Circle of Death”  at every single party you’ve been to ? Do you feel frustrated about explaining the rules every single turn when someone asks what it is about? Are you looking for a party game that can withstand your drunk roommates? Then you should check out the review for “F Your Liver” card game, from Wood Eye Games LLC.  How to “F your liver”  Just to clarify, this is … Read more

Board Game Kickstarter Showcase – Drink your Life Away in Barcadia

You are invited to your wife’s friend’s party. Everyone is really nice, and welcoming, but there is one problem: they only want to drink. You are not a big fan of drinking and, of course, your livers too. You don’t want to cause your wife to be concerned. She might think that you are refusing to hangout with her friends. You don’t want to end up sleeping on the sofa tonight. At the same time, … Read more

Top Multiplayer Video Games to Play at a House Party

If back in the days we used to host LAN parties (ask your parents if you don’t know what that is) now we can ‘gather around’ for a social multiplayer game. These are multiplayer games that can be used to host a social gaming event where everyone is invited to join and have fun.  And, in a world where social distancing is a must, it may be a fun way to put a smile on … Read more