How to Create Secure Online Passwords You Can Remember

Despite the fact that in 2018 you would expect the password to be no more and all methods of authentication use some other method for authentication, we are still using passwords.  The same method for authentication for 58 years! When Did The First Computer Passwords Get Created? According to a Google Query on when the first password were and how it started, the modern computer password was introduced to computer science and the wider world … Read more

How Social Media uses the Cloud and the Importance of Being Protected While Using It

You may not even realize that you are using a platform as a service every day in your personal life not just work.  Social media has created a network of various virtual organizations that have been built and maintained on relationships based on trust and good faith. Social networks have also the added advantage of being able to foster relationships faster because they are mostly built on real life relationships. This allows for faster bond … Read more

3 Popular Password Managers

A word that appears once too often in the cyber world is ‘Security Breach‘. Hackers are always waiting for the best possible chance to inflict as much damage as they can to us by accessing our accounts. Secure websites, as they say are also bad at keeping the information safe.The art of making passwords is a difficult one, but attainable. Many make the mistake that when they enter a password, the account for which they … Read more

Why Passwords are Bad for Data Security

Did you think using a password was enough to protect all your personal and financial information? Think again. The primary reasons why Passwords are a bad bet in the world of data security are: Badly chosen combinations – Most people choose passwords which are combinations of phrases and numbers somehow related to their identities. This makes it easier to guess what the password it, when you have the relevant personal details. Even less secure passwords … Read more

Recent Technology News – Replacing Passwords with Hardware Passkeys

Google working on replacing Passwords with Hardware Identification based Passkeys Passwords have been in existence in the computing world right from the beginning. In the past we have seen USB drives used as passkeys for logging into Windows 7, primarily to reset forgotten passwords. However, entirely phasing out passwords from local as well as web based applications now seems to be a distinct possibility in the next few years, in favor of more secure solutions … Read more