Ewin Racing

Ewin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

Being a person who spends almost half of his day on his computer for various activities, a comfortable chair is a must have. Just recently I got the chance to review the Ewin Racing Champion series gaming chair and to put it simply; the feeling is heavenly compared to the one I was using before with a wooden base. Ewin Racing is a new company so you might not have heard about them before. They … Read more

Ancheer Ergonomic Chair Review

If your like me you are always sitting in front or your PC or desk working and your wanting a comfy chair that you can sit in for hours on end. Well today I take a look at the Ancheer Ergonomic PC chair. This chair has many adjustments and is solid to say the least. It also weighs in at around 60 pounds! Just remember to have a friend or family member help you inside with … Read more