7 PC Accessories You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

There are some accessories that, once you’ve tried them, you can’t imagine gaming without them. There are a ton of peripherals out there that can enhance your gaming experience. Here are seven gaming accessories you didn’t know you were missing. Controller phone clip Streaming a game from your console to your phone is a pretty cool idea and can be very convenient. But it can be kind of tricky to get your phone into the … Read more

Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Mouse Review

  Precision in the gaming community is vitally important; it can be the difference between succeeding or losing, and as such holds significance with players. What is more, since the boom of the competitive esports industry, precision has become an artform that has turned ordinary gamers into elite sportsmen. It has also created a huge following of fans and punters alike, who admire the skill demonstrated at numerous top gaming events, such as Dota 2. … Read more