Botanicula keeps the point-and-click genre alive

In a world infested by fast paced shooters, addictive MMOs and complex strategy games, very few companies are still developing point-and-click adventure games. It is only natural that the best titles come from indie developers and Botanicula promises to be another hit for the team who created Machinarium. The action is anything but intense, so instead of leaving the computer exhausted you will resume your daily routine inspired and relaxed.           … Read more

The Darkness 2: Harness the Forces of Evil

Harness the evil forces in The Darkness 2 Sometimes the Darkness chooses you as an instrument of destruction, but this didn’t stop Jackie from harnessing this power and turning it into a devastating weapon. In The Darkness 2, the story picks up from where it left and reveals a character struggling to preserve whatever humanity is left inside him. At the same time, he feels no pity or remorse in dismembering enemies or gunning them … Read more

Do it your way in Tropico 4

Tropico 4 brilliantly succeeds in combining intricate economical elements with subtle political decisions, to create one of the best city sims on the market. The latest installment that is now available for PC and XBOX 360 owners is the best proof that being a dictator in Tropico 4 is better than in real life. There is more than meets the eye about being a dictator in a Caribbean republic, and those willing to experiment this … Read more