PewDiePie responds to trending articles regarding his income

If you’ve been online and visited websites like Facebook during the past week then you must have read somewhere that PewDiePie, the person who sits on a chair all day, playing computer games and yelling at them while recording all of this somehow makes $7 million. Here is a wonderful article from BBC on the topic. Felix (AKA Pewdiepie) states in his video that his money should not bother anyone. “Whenever it comes out how … Read more

Top 5 YouTube Commentators In Gaming and 3 Honorable Mentions

Ah, there’s no video watching site like YouTube. Its just the sheer amount of content already available that attracts viewers and makers, and it isn’t a surprise that so many Video game commentators have been popping up lately. From people who are just doing it for fun to ‘YouTube Stars’ who do it as a job. Finding the commentator that you’re gonna like from hundreds is a hard thing to do, therefore we’ve compiled a little … Read more