ilikable 20W Fast Charger for iPhone and iPad Review

I use my phone all day long and I need a charger that can fast charge my phone between meetings so I don’t run out of batter, this fast charger from ilikable does just that.  You get a 20W fast charger that is a USB Type C plug but also comes with a USB Type C to Lighting cable included, this is a thicker cable and is about 6′ long so you don’t have to … Read more

Crave Plus 10000mAh Power Bank Review

Power banks in my opinion are one of the more time consuming products to review for readers.  One of the reasons is not only do I have to try them with multiple devices at different output levels, but I also have to do timer tests to see how fast they charge, and do as many drain and recharge tests as possible in the span of time I have to do a review.  So for the … Read more

LINKON Power Blok 9000mAh Review

I got my hands on a LINKON Power Blok 9000mAh to test and review. Now from the moment I got this I was thinking it wasn’t as small as  the claimed. By the look of the box I was like, ok, it seems like the others I have played with. But as you see from this picture the box looked rather large for a compact power block. From the minute I opened the box I began … Read more