6 Advantages Of Continuous Light In Photography  

For many years now, the digital age has reached the world of photography and revolutionized it to such an extent that nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, more and more spectacular photographs are obtained. The main working tool of the photographer is above all light. When it comes to artificial light, there are two schools: [...]

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Should You Take Editing Into Account While You’re Shooting Photographs?

This sentiment is echoed by almost every professional photographer you come across, and dates back to the days of film when you had to manually dodge and burn your prints for hours in the red light of a darkroom. So, if you planned what you were doing beforehand, you lessened the amount of time spent [...]

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5 Best Android photo apps for Editing and Sharing

Your million cherished moments are captured in photos and these captured photos would look more beautiful if we apply various groovy effects on it. These five Android photo apps which I'm covering are best available in Google play store to enhance your photography and editing skills. Go on, download them one by one and let [...]

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