The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

It is no big deal to create a website on the WordPress platform; same cannot be said for the selection of plugins that will make your resource functional and convenient. Without exaggeration, plugins can be called the foundation of your website. They perform all the essential functions that are used by both administrators and visitors. A massive collection of various plugins is one of the main advantages of the WordPress platform in the eyes of … Read more

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Writers and Bloggers 2019

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform and one of the reasons why so many people like it is that you can expand its functionality by installing plugins. There are currently almost 55,000 plugins in the WordPress store, both paid and open source, covering just about any category you can think of. If you’re a writer, these are the 10 must-have plugins you need to install for an improved blogging experience. Yoast SEO No … Read more

How to Boost Your WordPress Website with Plugins

Image Source: Over the years WordPress has proved to be a reliable software for blogging. Many people with non-blogging websites also use it for content management. There are numerous reasons it is a top choice for personal and professional sites. Some of these include the fact that it is easy to use & manage, does not require FTP software or HTML editing, and search engines can easily read and index the sites, etc. WordPress … Read more

Improving Performance on Dragonblogger and Working on a New Theme

Dragon Blogger currently is using a legacy WordPress framework that isn’t really found in the WordPress archives before and I have been trying to work on a redesign with a new theme, this is because my current framework is not dynamic and my pages don’t render differently on mobile devices or tablets as they should.  I was compensating with the WP Touch Pro WordPress plugin and theme combo which does render a more mobile friendly … Read more