Enter to Win a MEGACOM Dual CatchMon Auto Catch

Iggy from ThisBytesForYou is the Pokemon GO Master and when it comes to tips, tricks and gadgets to optimize your Pokemon GO play he is my go to resource.  So MEGACOM makes this device which lets you pair 2 phones and auto-catch Pokemon so you will Never miss a rare Pokemon again.  This device is always on for more than 600 hours and uses 2 AAA batteries as it helps you scour the neighborhood auto … Read more

The Exciting New Harry Potter and Ghostbuster Games Coming to AR

In case you were living under a rock for the past few years, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game that took the world by storm. Giving players the ability to combine their own world with the virtual world was incredibly exciting for most players. Due to the success of that app, more companies are looking to jump on the bandwagon. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Teaming up with Niantic Labs, Warner Bros. Interactive, and … Read more

How To Save Your Phone’s Battery Life When Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go appears to be taking over the world. It currently boasts over 75 million downloads worldwide, and this number is only continuing to go up. This is an app that has managed to build a brand that sticks. It’s an app that hasn’t wasted a single dollar marketing. The problem with Pokemon Go is it happens to be an extremely heavy app. Playing it on a regular basis will drive your phone’s battery life … Read more

How to be a Pokemon Gym Leader

Pokemon Go isn’t all about collecting the Pokemon, the mobile game which is going wild also has two other elements to it right now which include the PokeStop and Pokemon Gym.  With a PokeStop you check in and get additional Pokeballs, Eggs and other random items, the higher your level the more variety of items you can find.  You can get revives, potions, and even raspberries from the Pokestop too. Pokemon Gym’s are where you go … Read more

Getting Started with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is all over the game media outlets and if you don’t know what it is yet you may be living under a rock.  This is an Augmented Reality game that is for iOS and Android which allows you to collect and train Pokemon by leveraging your real world environment.  What this means is this game will get you out of the house and walking around, exploring, traveling and more to collect and build … Read more

Pokemon GO US Beta Testing About to Go LIVE

Yes you read that headline correctly.  You may get a chance to get your hands on Pokemon GO even sooner than Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  After months of hype and speculation, it was officially announced that a field test for a beta build of Pokemon GO will be available for US fans.  While the date is still shrouded in secrecy, this is an encouraging sign that the current Asia test has been yielding positive results. … Read more