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The Exciting New Harry Potter and Ghostbuster Games Coming to AR

In case you were living under a rock for the past few years, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game that took the world by storm. Giving players the ability to combine their own world with the virtual world was incredibly exciting for most players. Due to the success of that app, more companies [...]

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Video Game Slots for Modern Video Games

This really is the age of the multi-media franchise. So many of the films that are released today are not just given a life on the big screen but on smaller ones too in the form of video games that approximately follow the storyline and involve the player in the narrative. Some even use the [...]

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What the Pokémon Go Obsession Says about Today’s Gamers

Pokémon Go is an international phenomenon, instantly loved by rookie gamers and those who have been obsessed since the now-beloved characters first hit the scene in 1996. Unlike other throwback franchises that have popped up in contemporary culture since mobile gaming became popular, Pokémon’s latest incarnation is more forward-thinking than nostalgic. There is a lot [...]

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How to be a Pokemon Gym Leader

Pokemon Go isn't all about collecting the Pokemon, the mobile game which is going wild also has two other elements to it right now which include the PokeStop and Pokemon Gym.  With a PokeStop you check in and get additional Pokeballs, Eggs and other random items, the higher your level the more variety of items [...]