Lepow Z1 Portable Monitor Giveaway

Tiktech is the name of the store that worked with us to bring you this fantastic giveaway.  They are featuring their 2020 Lepow Z1 FHD Portable Gaming Monitor which is 15.6″ and is a fantastic accessory for your portable console or phone or as a 2nd monitor for your PC.  Tiktech is an up and coming store with the latest gadgets to fit your life and you can find a wide variety of items on … Read more

Lumonitor Overview : A Self Powered Touchscreen 4K Portable Monitor

Having a secondary monitor can greatly increase your productivity. With a dual monitor setup, you can get your daily work done on one monitor, while on the other, you can have Slack, Zoom, or Skype open and stay in touch with your office peers at all times. Or if you are a game streamer, you can play your games on one screen and interact with your viewers on the other monitor. While normal monitors can … Read more

AUZAI Portable Monitor Review

Having a second monitor is one of those things you don’t realize how much it’s going to help until you have one. AUZAI reached out to have their portable monitor reviewed and I was happy to jump on it and test it out. Through the years, I’ve used portable monitors on and off but rarely consistently. Now that I’ve been using one consistently, I get the hype and this one from AUZAI exceeded my expectations. … Read more