BESTEK Power Converter for International Travel Product Showcase

When it comes to travelling and being on the road you always want to make sure that you are prepared with a proper power source no matter where in the world you travel. BESTEK provides travelers a product that allows you to have not only a source of power but once that is convertible depending [...]

Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X 10.1in Review

Tablet Express releases yet another tablet, it’s not a big deal right,… well, it might be.  Today’s review is on the Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X tablet.  It is a 10 in tablet, but it’s not Tablet Express’ regular tablet. Let’s start off with the specs. Specifications 10.1in IPS 1366x768 HD Display MediaTek’s MTK MT8127 [...]

Solid Trust External Battery Charger Review

I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this charger. It’s small, the instructions are not written well, there are a few indicator problems, but all that aside, it did a great job charging my cell phone. Some devices are fast. They recharge very quickly, this one took 2 hours for my Samsung [...]

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