Flexible PCB and Its Manufacturing Process

Introduction: The advent of modern electronic gadgets might not be possible without the flex PCB technology introduction. The flexible PCBs are found in the core of many small and sensitive electronic products. Like camera, smart phones, mobiles, laptops, calculators and other numerous products are using this flex PCB technology. What is Flex PCB ? The flexible PCB is basically made of a base substrate material from polyimide material. The polyamide/polyimide is a material found naturally … Read more

3 Reasons to Start Learning PCB Design Right Away

For those of you who are not familiar with PCB design, you should know that this might be the job of the future. Printed circuit boards have been used for decades in all kinds of industries, but their finest moment is yet to come. In fact, without PCBs, the world we know would not be possible – the boards are used in computers, smartphones, but also in modern cars and airplanes. All of these industries … Read more