A Guide to Buying and Using Wireless Printers

  Wireless printers allow data to be sent wirelessly from a mobile phone, tablet or computer for printing. This process can help to simplify the printing experience, and means you won’t be searching for the right connectivity cable to be able to print your work when on a time crunch! We have compiled a guide below detailing some of the benefits of wireless printers, as well as the different types and methods of connecting them … Read more

3D Printers – Not Just Plastic Knickknacks Now

By now, most people have heard of 3D printing technology. A couple of years ago, 3D printers were an expensive technology. Now, for a couple thousand dollars, you can have a 3D printer in your home. Not only do you have this ease of access, but you can surf online databases and download files to create just about anything. Everyday, there is a new story on the internet about someone printing something spectacular and life-altering … Read more