The Best PS2 Games of All Time to Indulge Your Retro Gaming

Whether you finish all your important tasks and you need an outlet to relieve stress, you find ways of relaxation without having to go on a holiday. Perhaps, it is time to summon your hobbies or your go-to friend. Finally, you have something to look forward to the moment you open your laptop or your phone for a twist of playing a game. Today, high-definition graphics and complicated backstories are keys to gaming. Let’s delve … Read more

Cougar Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AttackX3-4IS Review

Some might like the clickies of a tactile switch and some might not.  I myself like the clickies, the louder the better, those around me like my wife, not so much.  In this review I am reviewing the Blue Keys.  Today I will be reviewing the Cougar Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (AttackX3-4IS). Let’s start off with some of the features and specs of this keyboard. Features and Specifications 108 keys Guaranteed lifetime of at least 50 … Read more

Review of the Perixx PX-5200BR Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

In the age of the Mechanical keyboard, we are bombarded by the loud clickety clack of Cherries and Kiehl’s but what if I told you they didn’t have to be loud to be good? What if I told you that a relatively quiet keyboard can actually be pretty good and what if I told you it came from our friends at Perixx? This review is of that keyboard, more precisely the Perixx PC5200-BR Mechanical Gaming … Read more