Ghostrunner’s Cyberpunk Action Now Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

CALABASAS, Calif. — September 28, 2021 —  Publisher 505 Games, alongside developers and partners All In! Games, One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks™, today launch physical and digital PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Ghostrunner, the critically-acclaimed first-person cyberpunk parkour action game. Owners of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions can upgrade to their respective new generation console version for free.   Soar through Ghostrunner’s stunning neon vistas, now enhanced … Read more

The Arcade “Rally” Racer Returns: Dirt 5 Review

What is an arcade rally racing game anyway? That’s the question I continue to ask myself while playing Codemasters latest entry in their arcade rally racing game, Dirt 5. Much like previous entries in the Dirt series, you will be battling it out with several AI opponents in a variety of different racing game modes. Saying that this is a rally game is a bit of a stretch because unlike an actual rally game in … Read more

Sound the Battle Horn, the Vikings Have Arrived: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review

There are so many series that I really enjoy in gaming, Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War, and Halo just to name a few. However, one series in particular that has rarely let me down over the years, as well as one that always sticks with me, has been Assassin’s Creed. The Assassin’s Creed series is extremely well known for using history as a means to tell not only a story in the past, but … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About The PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 will be finally available on November 12 in some countries like the US and Japan and on November 19 in the rest of the world. While you may be eager to finally have your PS5 in hands, you may also be trying to find out what to really expect from your new console. So, let’s dig in. Everything You Need To Know About The PlayStation 5 #1: The PlayStation 5 Design While … Read more

The Playstation 5 Leaked Priced and the Advantages to Buy the cheaper Digital Version

To sum things up, the digital version of PlayStation 5 is the best option for everyone that isn’t crazy about physical copies of the games. It’s also much easier to sell the game once you have enough of it if you have a digital version. In addition, online marketplaces will have the cheapest games for PlayStation and Xbox, and you won’t have to wait for special discounts from the stores.

Sony and Epic Have Shown PS5’s Capabilities: What a New Generation Game Looks Like

Epic introduced the new game engine Unreal Engine 5 and demonstrated its capabilities with the example of the game launched on PlayStation 5. Unreal Engine 5 is an engine and game development tool that Epic will provide to other developers. To demonstrate the engine, Epic has prepared a small game that was launched on PlayStation 5 in real-time. This means that this quality of graphics and detail will be able to provide the next-gen console. … Read more

PlayStation 5: 8 Launch Titles We Want to Play

The PlayStation 5 could hit shelves by early November is estimated are to be believed.  Excited for the PS5 release date? The likely price and a list of potential launch titles for the PlayStation 5 could be revealed as soon as the beginning of Q2. On the recently launched PS5 website, Sony assured that “the upcoming slate of PS5 launch games” will be revealed soon. So, what will the PlayStation 5 have to offer at … Read more