Tips When Playing PUBG Lite On PC In The USA

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly referred to as PUBG, is a Battle Royale shooter video game where 100 players engage in a battle for survival. It’s a kill or be killed game where the end goal is to be the last man standing. The game begins with the players parachuting to the island and landing with nothing. They have to gather weapons and every other thing needed to help them survive on the island–to be the … Read more

5 Features of PUBG Lite that You Should know

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Lite has been a huge success since its launch and has constantly been one of the hot topics in video games news section. Although the developers have said that they have a completely different team dedicated for PUBG Lite, the game is very similar to PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite has really become popular among the gamers. The number of players playing the game is already significant in number and considering … Read more