4 Sweepstakes Giveaway Platforms Compared

Many people who know me know that I am about doing giveaways for the fans of Dragon Blogger and have come to run 3-4 giveaways on any given month, and I do my best to find and negotiate gadgets to giveaway that excite the fans.  We have given away 2 Lenovo Z585 laptops in the past year as well as 4 Google Nexus 7 tablets, we have given away thousands of dollars worth of software … Read more

PunchTab and Rafflecopter Updates

Since I started the switch to running my contests from Rafflecopter to PunchTab primarily I have worked with the PunchTab team to help get 3 new features implemented into the PunchTab contest service.  These additional features just added recently are: Punchtab Updates Export to CSV Now you can export the entries to a CSV file which you can open in Excel and filter your entries to get the total counts you need for various entry … Read more

PunchTab iOS App Review: Joining Contests via Mobile

As many of my readers know I alternate between Rafflecopter and Punchtab when hosting giveaway contests her on DragonBlogger.com.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages but one feature I truly enjoy about PunchTab is their iOS application which has featured giveaways you can join right from your iPhone or iPad so you can build up entries faster. After you install the PunchTab iOS app and open it up you will immediately see a list of … Read more

Comparing Rafflecopter to Punchtab for Contests

As many of my readers know, we here at DragonBlogger.com have been running contests for months.  I came up with the idea back in November 2011 where I wanted to give away at least 1-2 cool things to readers as a sign of appreciation and also a means to increase my following on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Since I started my contests back in November 2011, I had 600 Facebook Fanpage … Read more