Auckly Fast Wireless Qi Charger with Cooling Fan for Quick Charge Phones

If you happen to have a smartphone that supports Qi Wireless charging you may want to leverage the convenience of a charging pad or stand that allows you to just set your device down and have it start charging without dealing with having to plug and unplug the Smartphone in each time.  So mostly I have reviewed flat wireless pads before and one other Qi compatible charging stand but this is the first time I … Read more

TechOrbits Intelligent Multi USB Wireless Qi Charging Pad Review

This is a review of the TechOrbits Intelligent Multi USB Wireless Qi Charging Pad. This is a pad is designed to charge all of your devices with just one outlet.  It can be purchased for $30 from Amazon. First off I’d like to say that I really like the idea behind this.  After years of traveling with a family, I’ve witnessed many times where as soon as a hotel room is entered, everyone rushes to … Read more