QICENT SC-6A5U Surge Protector Showcase

Surge protectors are something that we easily take for granted. They often hide under our desks, and if they’re doing their job, we never think about them. This has caused a shift over the last two decades, from the surge protector being an important tool to protect your valuable electronics, toward it being a cheap upsell pushed onto consumers as an afterthought when they’re buying a computer, printer, or microwave at their local big-box store. … Read more

QICENT 6-Port 2.4A Smart Usb Charger Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win the QICENT 6-Port 2.4A Smart Usb Charger which is the ultimate charging station device giving you the ability to charge 6 devices at a full 2.4A output, this means you can charge 6 tablets, or any combination of tablet/phone/Bluetooth device! Examples of what you can charge on the QICENT 6-Port 2.4A Smart Usb Charger 4 PlayStation 4 controllers at the same time and 2 SmartPhones 3 Kindle Fire HDX Tablets and … Read more

Super Bowl 50 Big Game Big Party Sweepstakes

Super Bowl 50 Big Game Big Party Sweepstakes Hi, I want to share with you about a giveaway that will start on January 28th, 2016 and will last until February 4th, 2016. It is so simple to enter and get your name in the running for the grand prize. Qicent, is a company that I have done reviews for in the past and who make some wonderful electronic devices, wants to help you make your … Read more

QICENT 6 Outlet Power Strip with USB Review

QICENT makes a power strip/surge protector that is in a word “wonderful”. I found it to function exactly as stated. And recommend it to anyone who needs a great power strip without paying a ton of money. This power strip is also a surge protected device. It has 6 120v plugs, and 5 USB ports. Each USB port is rated for up to 5v/ 2.4A. I like that, it means, I can use any port … Read more