Razer Edge Pro-tablet mode

Razer Edge Pro: A Gaming Tablet Overview

With the innovation of smart phones and tablets, portable devices and their apps are making tremendous impact on people and technology markets. There is tough competition between a handful of companies to make superior and excellent quality portable gaming consoles. If  you are  passionate about portable devices and gaming? …then it’s a good news for all die hard gamers. The Razer Edge Pro which is a gaming tablet that allows you to play powerful 3D graphical PC … Read more

Razer Edge – What Was Fiona Is Now Edge

Last year I wrote an article on the concept for the Razer Fiona a beautiful sleek and amazing tablet that had the power and performance to deliver truly breathtaking graphics and portability allowing players to game on the go. Now this concept is a reality with the Razer Edge. With the help of the community Min Liang Tan  the CEO for Razer has finally given us what we have wanted to hear for along time the ability to … Read more