What Is React.Js And Why Is It So Popular?

React.js is amongst the most favorite technologies in the present time. Although for a detailed description one does require an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. But one should first learn about some of the basics on React, especially if you are a beginner. React: What is it? The development team of Facebook had made React in the year 2013. This can be considered as a library of JavaScript. React helps in making the user … Read more

How To Install React Native On Windows

Hi, readership! This article is a helpful guide about how to install React Native on Windows. React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows you to build mobile applications across platforms, so you build it in JavaScript and then you run it through the compiler. Then it will generate it in Android or iOS. Before we begin, I have to say that I will show how to install all the necessary components that are required … Read more