Etekcity Voice Recorder Review: A Recorder Without a Voice

Some time back, I received a product in the mail that I was very excited about. It was a USB voice recorder/8 gig flash drive. I got all of 5 minutes of enjoyment out of it. The first thing I did was read the instructions carefully. I checked to make sure it was charged, and I did my first recording. I plugged the drive into my computer and listened to the sound of my voice, … Read more

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Review

Apowersoft Recorder allows users to record their screen and also the browser. Upon going to you will see that there are two main options, you can record the browser or download the desktop recorder. Once the download was complete I was thankful that there were plenty of options when the application was run. When the application is opened, a small bar should appear on your screen, this gives you access to plenty of choices, such as … Read more