Free Data recovery software – recover you valuable lost data

Is you are in a need of free data recovery software for your lost data then why not to try EaseUS software for it? The most amazing thing about them is that their software is for free and you don’t need to pay a penny for it. There are much software regarding data recovery but this one is different and best in the following ways: As it is free, you can download it direct from … Read more

Disk Drill Review: Recovering Deleted Windows Files

Cleverfiles reached out to me asking if I had time to do a review of their Disk Drill software which is for both Windows and Mac.  Disk Drill is a simple, easy to use file recovery software that helps you recover items you may have deleted weeks or months ago but wish to see if there is a way to recover them.  I delete video and image content all the time, as I create so … Read more

Review of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

I have been using computers since I was 13 years old on my IBM XT 8086, yup no hard drive just 2 x 5.25’ floppy drives.  From that PC to my current PC I have deleted TONS of files, some on purpose too but I have lost so many files as well, sometimes entire partitions.  This software will help you during these times because you never know when it will happen to you, if it … Read more