Resident Evil Retribution: Review

I went to see Resident Evil: Retribution opening tonight and decided to see it in 3D Imax.  Let me just say that there is no other way to see this flick!  The 3D images are even better on an Imax screen because they really pop out at you.  Before I digress too much, and gush on and on about the imagery, let me say this is the only spoiler alert you will get.  If you … Read more

Resident Evil Retribution Coming Soon

The original Resident Evil film brought to life a video game that was extremely scary.  Now the fifth movie in the series is about to be released, Resident Evil: Retribution, showing Alice’s ongoing survival.  The new movie is going to bring back several old characters and add some new ones as well. The premise behind this new movie revolves around Alice awakening in the heart of an Umbrella base and discovering more of her mysterious … Read more