Robots Replacing Jobs? Casinos, a New Sheriff is in Town

The more advanced we get with technology, especially when it comes in the form of Artificial Intelligence, is going to start making companies want to learn more towards using advanced A.I. in robots to replace humans in the job market. Recently, several malls and casinos in the past have started to roll out technology that replaces [...]

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Robobloq Robotics Kits are Great Gifts for Kids

Lately there are more STEM robotic kits than ever coming up in the market that not only teach kids how to assemble and build but also to program robotics using object oriented programming mostly in it's most simplistic form in a mobile or desktop app.  Robobloq is one of those companies that markets a robotics [...]

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3 Ways Robots Will Make You More Productive

Don't fear the robots. It's likely that artificial intelligence and robotics will make many people's lives better, not worse. For one thing, AI is expected to increase productivity. As CNBC reported, robotics and AI are on track to increase productivity by as much as 40 percent by the year 2035. With the help of AI, economic [...]

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Pocket AI and Chatbots of the Future

A very interesting video published over on the Financial Times YouTub Channel about the spread of AI Chatbots coming from East to the West and where we are headed with Pocket AI.  They are running more segments on AI recently and have a whole dedicated section to Artifical Intelligence and Robotics on the Financial Times [...]

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Factory Automation and Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of the Robot Revolution

Image by jurvetson via Flickr  In a world obsessed with the antihero and robotic doomsday scenarios that bring about our end, it seems that robotics have been given a bad rap in just about every summer blockbuster from today's Iron Man to as far back as 2001: Space Odyssey. And those are just [...]

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