Should You Buy a Roku 3?

I have been an avid Roku fan for several years having owned a Roku XD, 2 Roku XDS, a Roku 2 XS and now most recently a Roku 3.  Sure, I could access streaming Internet applications on my Internet Enabled Sony Blu-Ray Player, my Samsung SmartTV, my Xbox 360 or my Nintendo Wii-U but I can honestly tell you that no device, or interface access online streaming content as efficiently as the Roku. Except of … Read more

Review of the Roku 2 XS

I finally broke down and purchased my 4th Roku device about a week ago and this time I got a Roku 2 XS as I needed the USB slot which the lower end models do not have.  For the same price that the Roku XD used to be you get a much more functional device with the Roku 2 XS and even though I have seen and read reports that they may be slower, I … Read more