Nords Heroes of the North – MMO Free Online Strategy Game

The return of the RTS. PC gamers enjoy their old RTS such as: Age of Empires, Red Alert and Total Annihilation, any self-respecting PC gamer has played one of these titles that have made the history of video games for PC. But in recent years the genre, apart from a few fleeting meteor appearances during [...]

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Natural Selection 2 – Which Side Will You Choose?

Natural Selection 2 hit the steam store yesterday and it overall looks like a very solid game. Based from its 2002 predecessor it looks to improve on every aspect, with a huge upgrade in its graphics.   What is Natural Selection 2? NS2 (Natural Selection 2) is a multiplayer first person strategy/shooter game. It pits [...]

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Gettysburg: Armored Warfare tries to rewrite history

You don’t have to be a history buff to notice that this strange string of words makes no sense from a historic perspective. The guys at Radioactive Software didn’t seem to care and came up with an intriguing concept that is twisted and eventually lost due to an underdeveloped story, with a second-hand gameplay that [...]

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