Natural Selection 2 – Which Side Will You Choose?

Natural Selection 2 hit the steam store yesterday and it overall looks like a very solid game. Based from its 2002 predecessor it looks to improve on every aspect, with a huge upgrade in its graphics.   What is Natural Selection 2? NS2 (Natural Selection 2) is a multiplayer first person strategy/shooter game. It pits two sides against each other, Aliens vs. Marines. Players can choose to be on either side and can pick from … Read more

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare tries to rewrite history

You don’t have to be a history buff to notice that this strange string of words makes no sense from a historic perspective. The guys at Radioactive Software didn’t seem to care and came up with an intriguing concept that is twisted and eventually lost due to an underdeveloped story, with a second-hand gameplay that sinks constantly. It’s sad to witness how an otherwise unique concept is being shred to pieces by this title and … Read more