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How to Remain Competitive in a Changing Sales Landscape

When discussing changes in sales, some prefer the “cat and mouse” metaphor, describing buyers as a wily prey, who need to be understood in order to be caught. But that analogy misses the point. It frames the B2B relationship in competitive terms when really it’s all about reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. If anything, your competition is… well, your competition – not your potential customer. As a more apt metaphor, you might say that the … Read more

April Xiaomi Sale over at Gearbest

  Gearbest right now is having a big sale on Xiaomi products for the next few days and this is a great chance to pick up a tablet, cell phone or other accessory for a great deal.  Xiaomi makes some excellent products at very budget prices, so a sale gives you an even better deal and personally I am looking at the up and coming Xiaomi Mi Tab 3 but that isn’t yet available on … Read more

Gearbest Teclast Tablet Anniversary Sale

Over at Gearbest right now you can find some amazing deals on Teclast tablets and they have models that fit all budgets.  You can get Android tablets, Windows tablets or simple Kindle Readers for some great prices. One example is the Tbook T11 Windows Tablet This tablet comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storate with a micro SDCard slot for up to another 128GB of storage.  This is a lot of RAM for a … Read more

Get Coupons Early for Gearbest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Up to 60% off selected products this weekend and you can start getting the coupons now! Share with all your friends and you will receive coupons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on tablets, Quad Copters, Smartwatches, 4G phones and much much more! Go to the Gearbest website and see for yourself. The BIGGEST sales of 2015 are one click away. And there’s more. Once you’ve paid for your goods, as long as you have spent … Read more

Havit Flash Sales 60% Off for Dragon Blogger Fans

This is a unique special deal worked out with Havit where we have partnered with them to bring huge 60% off discounts for several products for the fans, all you have to do is simply join the entry and get your coupon.  It is using the platform but each person who enters will be given a unique coupon until they run out, so here is your chance to get some last minute accessories at … Read more

Gearbest March Markdowns and Spin to Win!

Gearbest is running their March Markdowns and Spin to Win promotion right now and this sale and promotion is going on from March 16th until March 30th 2015.  In this promotion you get incredible discounts on some of the best products, 81 flagship products in fact total and some examples are the 3 below that appeal to me. Xiaomi XiaoYi Intelligent 720P Wi-Fi Mini Camera is just $29.99 during the March Markdowns sale.  This is a … Read more

The Steam Autumn Sales Recap

For those who are into gaming, especially PC gaming then Steam Sales makes you excited. It’s a time where players can spend money and get some amazing games for a great deal. Some deals which I have seen in this year’s Steam Autumn Sale has been, Skyrim – £3, Batman Arkham City – £4, Game Dev Tycoon – £2 and Chivalry – £4. While the steam sales has been running since the 28th November, you … Read more