Sponsored Video: Showcasing the Samsung Galaxy Note II

I saw this video and can’t argue against the coolness factor of what the Samsung Galaxy Note II is capable of.  The stylus was integrated very well with the device and the ability to have 2 applications open side by side on the same screen just reeks of increased productivity. There is no denying that this is one impressive smartphone that combines many features of a tablet with a phone.  Samsung makes some killer Android … Read more

Sponsored Video about Samsung Memory with Loading Ball Larry

I have to admit, I like commercials that are clever and designed to entertain as well as showcase a product.  So when I was asked to check out the new line of Samsung Memory video’s I thought the Loading Ball Larry one was clever enough to share with my fellow readers. Slow load times are among my biggest peeves when loading applications on my laptop and home computer, though not sure how much of it … Read more