The Ultimate Software To Capture Your Screen On Mac

Sometimes when we are using our Mac to surf the internet or browsing videos, we wonder how people create video guides and show their current activities on their computer screen as a video. If you are thinking of creating such videos to capture your screen or record the skype chat you had with your friend, then you need to use the best software for this task. If you want to learn how to record screen … Read more

Featuring Movavi: Make Easy Screen Capture Videos In Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered about how to capture your screen activities and then make them into a movie? Well, it isn’t very difficult if you have the right application to do so. These applications aren’t very hard to get and you can easily find one on the internet. Some come free and some have a little price. But the only problem with most of them is that they are a bit complicated. So, for a … Read more

How to Take Better Screen Prints with Lightshot

The folks over at Lightshot had asked me to review their free screen print software and see if I liked enough to review for my readers.  I have to tell you that I had been using the default Windows 7 Snipping Tool as my primary image capture software so was interested in seeing if something would make me consider the installation and switch and I was pleasantly surprised. Lightshot Does More for Print Screen First … Read more