Don’t Miss This Deal on BlitzWolf Selfie Sticks

If you’re into traveling or going to new places, you know how great a selfie stick can be. You can get a far angle or catch the scenery in a breeze. There are some great deals currently on selfie sticks that you don’t want to miss. Blitzwolf BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod This selfie stick is not only a selfie stick but it’s also a tripod. This two-in-one combination is the best of both world for … Read more

Blitzwolf Tripod Selfie Stick Review

Capturing the moment is a great part of all the technology we have at our fingertips. Being able to sit back and snap as many pictures as we want from our phones has never been easier. Thankfully, times like selfie sticks and tripods have come on to the scene to give us the ability to make these pictures even better. In the past, I reviewed Blitzwolf’s traditional selfie stick, but recently they reached out with … Read more

BlitzWolf BW-BS6 Selfie Stick Review

When selfie sticks first came out, everyone had something to say about this next-level of selfie-taking. Now, a ton of vloggers and travelers have one on the go to document their adventures. Selfie sticks help you get a better and wider shot than if you hold it with your arm. If you’re a photographer or just want some good quality pictures, a selfie stick is almost a necessity. The BlitzWolf BW-BS6 selfie stick is a great … Read more

SUMSONIC ROCK Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review

I have to start this with a full disclosure: I don’t like selfies. I don’t take selfies. I think selfies reflect a culture too focused on the self(ie), and not focused enough on the world at large. Getting a selfie stick in the mail not only made me cringe, but it also made more than one friend take me less seriously as a human. Having said that, the SUMSONIC Rock Selfie Stick is a really nice … Read more

Review of the FRiEQ KS-01 Selfie Stick

Remember that movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation where Chevy Chase (the dad) asked a guy to take a family picture for them, then ran off with the camera?  If you haven’t seen that movie, you should it’s funny, though I am sure you can’t find it on RedBox and can only get it on DVD from Netflix, but let’s get back to this review.  The point of the flash back down memory lane was the fact … Read more