Affiliate Marketing: Who are the Golden Boys?

While everyone on this planet can do affiliate marketing, the tricky issue is doing it well. This job is a mixture of discipline, skill, and creativity, and it is not easy to make those three combine into something acceptable for both human and AI eyes. Also, there is the business part. Unless you want to invest your time and money into making a direct sales platform using Shopify and dropshipping, you need to find manufacturers … Read more

What is Shopify and What You Didn’t Know

Shopify is a popular eCommerce website builder that now hosts around 377,000 active online stores across the globe. Overall, they generate more than $29 billion on sales. The popularity of this platform has come about thanks to the fact that it allows the shop owners to design, develop and market their goods to consumers all around the world. Find out more about this effective platform by taking a look at the 61 Shopify facts that … Read more

Easy to Handle Point of Sale Devices for the Small Shop Owners

  While most of the shopping is done online now a day, the traditional way of selling is also under a constant upgrade. Starting from the application of changes in the how the materials and goods are arranged, to taking out the final bill receipt, everything has changed from the way it was say 10 years ago. Most of the innovation is seen at the billing counter with the installation of high-end point of sale … Read more