Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X 10.1in Review

Tablet Express releases yet another tablet, it’s not a big deal right,… well, it might be.  Today’s review is on the Tablet Express Dragon Touch M10X tablet.  It is a 10 in tablet, but it’s not Tablet Express’ regular tablet. Let’s start off with the specs. Specifications 10.1in IPS 1366×768 HD Display MediaTek’s MTK MT8127 Quad Core processor running at 1.3Ghz on all 4 cores Mali-450 MP Quad Core GPU 1Gig DDR3 RAM 16Gig NAND … Read more

Simcity: How to Fix a Bankrupt City

OH NO!  Your carefully planned and meticulously built city in Simcity has gone bankrupt. Whether your processors didn’t ship in time or you were off to a rough start, chances are bankruptcy hit you hard and your bonds are completely used up. The solution to this problem would be to send a sizable donation of cash from a neighboring city right? But, but, but…what if the server is never allowed to sync in time thereby leaving … Read more

Simcity Review: Worth the Server Problems?

After a decade long wait, Maxis is back with their latest addition to the addicting and soul devouring urban planning franchise known as Simcity. The 2013 installation of the game comes packed with intricate and minute controls that promise the building of truly unique cities. No doubt you will instantly be struck in awe seeing an abandoned plot of land quickly transform into a teeming metropolis. Whether you want to be a leader in green … Read more