Tablet Express Dragon Touch S8 Android Tablet Review

We are all on the hunt for an affordable tablet that can do it all, and usually the 2 don’t go together, Affordable and the ability to do it all.  Working with the tablet manufacturers I have seen many different budget tablets and a few performers as well and today I will bring you a review on a budget tablet, but this one is a bit different.  Today I bring you my review of the … Read more

Review of the HyperX Cloud II Headset

HyperX comes back strong with the release with the HyperX Cloud II hot on the heels of the success of the HyperX Cloud. They have been pumping out quality products for some time now but let’s see exactly is good about these. Let’s start off with the specs. Specifications • Driver Unit: 53mm Neodymium Magnets • Headphone Frequency Response: 15Hz-25KHz • Headphone Input Impedance: 60 ohm • Connector: 3.5mm & USB • Airplane Adapter • … Read more

Beginner Tips on How to Start a Podcast

Hey there.  I’ve got the bug… I’ve got the podcasting bug!  When the DragonCast podcast was still in an idea state being thrown around between the Dragonblogger contributors, it raised my curiosity.  I’ve never really done anything like that and I thought it would be something cool to try.  I ended up being a guest on the Dragoncast show in it’s third episode or so and I was hooked.  I started looking into starting a … Read more

Standardization of Video Chat Protocols

With the Microsoft Skype deal happening, Apple Facetime, Google Hangout and an increasing number of video chat programs and protocols spreading like tendrils across the digital world we will see a fragmentation of video chat if there isn’t a unified protocol that all video chat platforms can standardize on. Let’s face it, the video call is here and has been for a few years, the only thing preventing it from being the standard in conversation … Read more