Three Comedies That You Didn’t Know Were Made Into Slot Games

When it comes to slot games, the sheer wealth of themes on offer is astounding. One of the most common things for developers is to take a well-known blockbuster and use it for a slot game, knowing that the notoriety of the picture will be a good way to attract players. Examples of this are action titles like The Dark Knight and Tomb Raider. There are plenty of smaller films which have made it onto … Read more

Does Gambling in Video Games Feel Like the Real Thing?

Ever since the rise of microtransactions in video games, a lot of gamers have opposed certain developers and publishers alike for the way in which they present their microtransactions. Some of these microtransactions are subtle and really only have you going to a storefront such as Xbox Live’s Microsoft Store or the PlayStation Network, however, there are some games out there that take the not-so-subtle approach and have you spending your hard-earned real-life dollars and … Read more

How Gaming Loot Drops Compares with Online Slot Gaming

There is that pleasure center of the brain when someone gets something exciting, that reward center that lights off making you have that momentary feeling of happiness or joy that you got something good and it feels good.  This is the reward sensation that creates online gambling like the ones you would find at Stargames Casino so appealing, like Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe for example. Sure you play and win small amounts or lose small amounts but … Read more

5 Useful and Practical mods for your 5.25″ Front Drive Bay

Hey there DragonBlogger readers! Most PCs I’ve seen in real life or online usually reside in a PC Case. And in most situations, these cases have at least a couple of front 5.25″ drive bays. Now, most casual users install something like a DVD or a Blu Ray player. Or if they need it, they would prefer installing an all in one memory card and USB 3.0 Hub into their spare slots. Going further, some … Read more