Gosund Wifi Outlet 4-Pack Review

Smart plugs have quickly become one of my favorite things in the tech world. While things like drones and cameras are fun and exciting, smart plugs are something that makes my day to day life easier, which is why I am a huge fan of them in general. Today, we’re covering this four pack of smart plugs from Gosund. I don’t (currently) have an Alexa or Google Home to connect it, but you’re able to … Read more

Enter to Win a Bestek Smart Plug for Home Automation

Start your home automation journey or expand it with the Bestek Smart Plug, this little device plugs into an A/C Wall outlet port and gives you a smart outlet that you can control remotely with a mobile app (Bestek Mobile App) or by using a Voice Assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.  Even better, you can configure custom rules with IFTTT.com so that you can automate rules if you want on when the outlet should … Read more