Arr-Wristing Tech For People On The Go

Technological improvements make life better. It’s been like that since the beginning of time. For our cave-dwelling forebearers, the spear was a huge technological improvement over the club. It gave them added reach so they didn’t have to get so close to their prey when it might try to gouge or gore them with teeth, claws, etc. It was also deadlier than a club. A piercing tool that could reach the heart in one thrust … Read more

Top 5 Wearable Smart Devices You’ll Love

Technology is becoming more and more personal every day. At the start of the 21st-century the closest you would come to “wearing” technology was having a laptop in your briefcase or a phone in your pocket. Well, if you had big pockets, that is. These days we have smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart glasses that are leading the charge to equip our bodies with technology directly. It’s still early days for wearable technology and most … Read more

Review of the I’m Watch Smartwatch

The I’m Watch is the first Smartwatch I have had a chance to review hands on here at and I was super excited about the chance to review a product that appears to have a place up and coming.  I was one of those people (nerds) who wore a Casio calculator watch when I was a teenager (start laughing at me now) and always thought a watch that can do more than tell time … Read more