Take on What Makes Snapchat Different and the Bitmoji TV Series

With different features and implementation of features, Snapchat is arguably the most preferred social networking platform by the teens. Keeping up with its tradition of introducing innovative and younger-demographic friendly features, Snapchat introduced Bitmojis, later Bitmoji TV. Biotmojis now turned into TV series gained massive attention but did it successfully entertained the user as it was predicted to? Was the Bitmoji TV series interesting or predictable? Do we see the Bitmoji TV series in the … Read more

The Dark Side of Snapchat that Parents Need to Know

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teenagers. The application came into prominence due to its signature feature of disappearing photos and videos right after viewing that gives people a false sense of security. Over the years, parents have expressed their concerns about this feature because there is the fear of their children sexting and sending each other inappropriate content and because Snapchat does not save the images sent out … Read more

Telegram vs Snapchat and their features

The public is now getting used to appearance of new social media platforms. Many applications are downloaded, used for a month or two and then forgotten soon. However, some of them like Twitter and Facebook have made a place in our hearts. Applications like these have been catering to our most basic need: communication. Social media companies are trying to provide interesting and innovative communication mediums to the public at large in order to acquire … Read more