Using the New SocialSpark 2.0

SocialSpark alone has earned me the most out of any single paid program with over $2,100 in twenty four months, you can make money blogging with Socialspark.

Tips For Using SocialSpark

SocialSpark has been one of my favorite programs to earn money from my blogs, I am fairly successful and am sharing some of my tips so others can benefit.

Blogging Without A Purpose

One of the biggest questions I get asked by new comers to SocialSpark is how do I start making money with blogging. This is a fair question and is something I am always trying to learn the answer to myself. Before you should think about monetizing your blog however, you need to define your blog [...]

Most Successful SocialSpark CPC To Date

I have been learning and experimenting with the SocialSpark CPC opportunites since April 2009, I have only accepted 8 CPC programs since April which averages only 3 per month so far. I only take programs which I feel the product fits my blog theme and it is a product I know about and either use [...]

My First Blogging Payday from PayU2Blog

Today I received my first paypal payment from blogging and I was very excited to see the transfer in my paypal account this morning.  I want to tell everyone that anyone can make some money blogging if you have a little time, dedication and patience.  Writing skills help, but I have seen blogs that still [...]