Tales from Elite Dangerous and My Experience with a Type-9

I have been a fan of Elite since the Commodore 64 days and played Frontier Elite II on the Amiga computer, so I was an early backer on Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous and have sent a lot of time in this game over the past two years owning the Horizons Season Pass and enjoying each update as it comes out.  Throughout all this time, I haven’t yet earned my way to one of the flagships … Read more

Elite: Dangerous on Steam and Still Playing

Last week Elite: Dangerous came to Steam and it comes to Xbox One with improvements and new features planned.  It already came to the Mac a few weeks ago.  This open ended Space Simulator has a brutal learning curve for those new to the genre and even docking and landing at a space station is a challenge until you learn your controls, movements.  I had played the original elite, but hadn’t played EVE Online or … Read more