Interstellar Space Genesis 4X Strategy Game Coming to Steam July 24th

Interstellar Space: Genesis – a spiritual successor to Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares and other classic 4X titles from the ‘90s – is launching July 25 on Steam! The game is the brainchild of Adam Solo and Hugo Rosado of Portuguese studio Praxis Games – the team behind well-known sci-fi strategy website SpaceSector. [...]

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Which is Better Stellaris or Endless Space 2

Recently I had gotten back into playing 4X Space Strategy games and picked up Stellaris and Endless Space 2 a few weeks apart from each other after scouring reddit and other forums looking for the best 4x strategy game that reminded me of the days when I played Masters of Orion.  So I put in [...]

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Are You Playing Eve Online Yet?

Eve Online is one of the most popular MMORPG role-playing games in the whole world. The actual gameplay occurs in a space-based world. This sci-fi masterpiece was developed and published by the CCP Games game studio in 2003. Eve Online lets its players get a felling of what it's like to be in the space [...]

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